Hotels in The Alps

The Alps Details

These mountains are why most people stay in hotels in the Alps. They leave their Alps hotels to gaze up at them. They stay in Alps cheap hotels so they can ski at places such as St. Moritz or Montreux. They check with for discount hotels. The Alps then provide them with a multitude of places to ski, bike and hike. To explore all the Alps including the craggy Pennine Alps, the Berner Alps, the Lepontine Alps, the Glarner Alps, the Rhaetian Alps and the Engandine Alps takes more than a weekend. The Alps are overwhelming in size and overwhelming in opportunities to explore. Only Austria has more Alpine mountains.There are many rivers in this region. It is also a world of many glaciers including Mount Rosa, Aletsch Glacier and Sankt Gotthard Massif. You can feast your eyes on the varied Alpine vegetation and animal life. Some only grows in the region of the Alps. There are coniferous forests, mountain pastures and a bounty of Alpine flowers. The Alps are a world of their own.