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Touraine Details

The French Province of Touraine lies in the Castle land of the Loire Valley. Here, visitors flock annually to stay in Touraine hotels to visit the châteaux. Some come for another reason. They register in hotels in Touraine so they can taste and sample of this “Garden of France.” Indeed, too many, saving up and staying in Touraine cheap hotels or discount hotels, Touraine is the home of two things: Châteaux and vineyards. Check with to assure you obtain the right type of accommodation during the period of your stay.It will take more than a week. Touraine has many elaborate palaces or châteaux for you to visit. There is the Château de Chaumont, a late Gothic structure amidst sumptuous gardens. The Château de Chambord is often called the Versailles of the 16th century. Before you reach it, you see its towers stretching toward the sky like church spires. In Blois, there is the historic Château de Blois, while the Château de Cheronceaux may dazzle you with its Romantic charm.