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In the southern part of France, you will find a small historical town known as Aigueperse. This town of 7,000 inhabitants is made up of many centuries-old buildings, including the famous Castle of Aigueperse Rock which was built during 12th century. If you are visiting during the weekend, Aigueperse has several interesting attractions that will fit into your itinerary, such as the magnificent churches of L'glise Notre-Dame and La Chapelle Saint-Louis ou Sainte-Chapelle. For historical and cultural structures, you can visit the LHotel de Ville, Castle of Villemont, Statue de Saint-James and Les Croix de Plein Air. The town also has a series of pigeon towers known as the Les Pigeonniers which was used by the monarchs to transport sensitive information in the past.Hotels in Aigueperse are mostly located close to these attractions. has a complete list of Aigueperse hotels, and most of them are discount hotels. Aigueperse hotels can arrange guided tours to all the places of interest. If you are visiting the Castle of Aigueperse, cheap hotels are conveniently available in the area.