Hotels in Charbonnières-les-Bains

      Charbonnières-les-Bains Details

      When visiting the Rhone Department, Lyon will most certainly be on your list of stops. But if you want to stay in a slightly less touristy area while in town, try Charbonnieres-les-Bains. It’s located just 10 kilometers from the center of Lyon, and as such is considered part of Greater Lyon. The name of the town comes from the word charbonniere, for the fact that the town was once a center for coal production in the area, and les Bains for ‘the baths’ or spas that have long been a famous attraction in the town.In fact, the spas are so famous that there is a monument to l’Abbe Maronnat, the priest who discovered the area’s main spring and water source in the town. Also associated with the ‘miraculous’ waters in the town is the donkey race field, or asinodrome that dates from the 19th century and is associated with the legend that the town’s waters transformed an old donkey into a reinvigorated, heroic beast. If your discount hotel doesn’t have its own spa, be sure to still visit one, to experience the ‘healing powers’ of the water. Other sights include the Parc de Lacroix Laval, which also contains the Chateau de la Poupee. For some gambling fun, stop into the Lyon Vert Casino.