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Condrieu is located in the Rhône region of France. Condrieu is known for the fact that it produces one of the best and rarest French wines, produced from the Viognier grape. Condrieu’s wines are so sought after because the Viognier grape is particularly hard to cultivate, and this region of the world produces the absolute best Viogniers. And, any wine from Condrieu is made 100% from Viognier grapes – no blends, as no other grapes are grown here. So, be prepared, this town is all about the grape, the wine and wine production.You’ll find just a few hotels in Condrieu, but you’ll certainly enjoy the beautiful countryside and the sights of vineyard along the hillsides. can ensure that you find the perfect Condrieu hotel, or one in one of the nearby towns. Don’t forget to enjoy the fine cuisine of the area and drink all the Condrieu Viognier you can find while in this beautiful portion of France.