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Dardilly is a small French town in the Rhone-Alpes region of France, close to Switzerland and Italy. The town first appears on historical record in the 10th century. It was a mere village at the time, comprised of a church, a graveyard, and no more than a score of private homes. It developed into a center for farming and viticulture by the 19th century. During that century, Dardilly's most famous resident was born and lived. This resident is Jean-Marie Vianney, the Catholic Church's best-known parish priest, who was eventually canonized as a saint because of his spiritual transformation of the region where he worked.Attractions in Dardilly include the St. Claude Church, as well as the St. Jean-Marie Vianney Church, named in honor of Jean-Marie Vianney. Another attraction is the Aqueduc, the town's vast, multi-purpose, multi-room cultural events center, which contains a library and a gym. Use the Internet to find and reserve hotels in Dardilly. Visit to find cheap and discount hotels in Dardilly, such as to suit your budget.