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      Lyon has a vast heritage of architecture comparable to Paris. Even though the city is more on the industrial side, youll be surprised on the structures that span through generations. St Jean Cathedral is one of those structures that have a combination of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. Located in the historic Place Bellecour, youll be enthralled with the rose window and the stained glasses built as early as the13th century. You should be able to visit the Place des Terreaux where all the important cultural and political offices such as the Town Hall and Lyons Grand Theater are located. Another structure you must see is the Palais St-Pierre. This building was originally a convent and is now the Musée des Beaux-Arts where collections from the prehistoric times are on display plus timeless masterpieces by some of the worlds most renowned artists such as Gaugain, Manet, Monet, Picasso, Matisse and Delacroix. Just outside the Place des Terreaux is the restored structure of Notre Dame de Fourvière. The church is like a museum full of paintings and frescoes. Furthermore, its tower is accessible and it provides a grand view of Lyon. If you want to know more about Lyon, youll need more than a weekend. Lyon will never bore you as it boasts of being one of the top destinations in France in terms of food. The hotels in Lyon provide a sumptuous feast even in some of the discount hotels. Lyon is also a bustling industrial city with a number of establishments dedicated to textile and metal. When you get your reservation online in, you can choose the travel packages offered by some Lyon hotels. With so much great food to eat and places to see, you may as well opt for Lyon cheap hotels so you have a longer stay.