Hotels in Gare de Lyon

      Gare de Lyon Details

      France has six major train stations and the Gare de Lyon is one of them. This station provides people more than just a ride to their destination, it is also considered among the Lyon attractions with its architecture and murals. In replacement of the old landing stage of Lyon, the present building of the train station was built from 1895 to 1902 by the architect Marius Toudoire.With the aid of 30 artists, Toudoire decorated the Train Bleu, which is the restaurant that is located above the main entry of the station. Since 1972, this restaurant has been on the list of historic monuments and Lyon attractions in France because of its Belle Epoque interior, which hasn't been changed since it was opened in 1972. More recent modernization works allowed the service of the TGV or the Train a Grande Vitesse to be accessed in the Gare de Lyon. If you are heading to the southern part of France or to the Alps, Italy, Switzerland and Greece, then this is the station that you should go to.

      Address: 20 Boulevard Diderot, 75012 Paris, France