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In the province of Saône et Loire is the old Roman town of Autun. It is situated in the east central area of France. This is in the same area that is referred to as Burgundy country. Autun was a famous stronghold in Roman Gaul and it was built in 15 B.C. The stronghold had amphitheatres, aqueducts and 6kms of ramparts to prove it. Several important Roman constructions remain today, including part of the amphitheatre and its gates. The village has a medieval wall around it and is set against the backdrop of the Morvan Hills. There are good transport links by air, road and rail throughout the region. Let take care of your cheap hotel requirements.

Autun is called the gateway to Morvan. While here, in the heart of Burgundy, you should visit some of the vineyards and see how this famous wine is made. Indeed, you may even be able to take advantage of an escorted tour. Also in the Saône et Loire region, the other famous thing that is made here is Dijon mustard. Even if you do not have a penchant towards this condiment, the city of Dijon is still well worth a visit. The weather is warm in summer and mild in the winter and discount hotels are typically cosy and comfortable at any time of year.