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      Mâcon is primarily known in France because of the delights to the stomach it promises its visitors. In a weekend, Mâcon is flocked by visitors interested in their poultry products such as their native cheese and special wines. The town produces around 49 million bottles of white and red wines every year. The town is also known for its beautiful churches. There’s the Saint Vincent Cathedral built in the 6th century. It features two towers that give you a view of the whole city. There’s also the 6th century church of Saint Clement. This basilica dates back as far as the middle ages. You can also find here the tombs of the earliest bishops in history. When you enter the city you’ll go through the 11th century Saint Laurient Bridge. The town’s museum, the Musée des Ursulines, displays the town’s archeological findings and history. The museum is housed in what used to be a 17th century has a good list of Mâcon cheap hotels. For good discount hotels, Mâcon will make sure you have the best accommodation for your holiday. Most of the time, Mâcon hotels offer tours around the village, offering more information with a tour guide. Make a special request in one of the hotels in Mâcon to get to one of the wine cellars for a free wine tasting.