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The town of Saint Gervaise-en-Vallière is situated in the province of Saône et Loire in Eastern France. It is also in the southern part of the Burgundy region. It is positioned in the valley of the Dheune and is comprised of an amalgamation of 7 villages. These are Saint Gervaise, Cercy, Sondebain, Champseuil, Chaublanc, Hauterrive and Neuville. The Saint Gervaise Oratory was built in 1803 and houses a fountain whose water source has supposedly got miraculous properties. There are good transport links for planes road and rail in this area and various accommodation types including camp sites. For a budget hotel is ready to help.There are lots of places in and around the area for walkers and fishermen to discover. There are also cycle routes and different water sports are available. The weather is warm in the summer but cold and wet in the winter. When you are in the Burgundy region, there are vineyards that you can visit to see how they make this great wine. The other thing you could do is to go on an excursion which you can book through your hotel. The language is French but most people speak English as a second language. Comfortable and cosy discount hotels are available in the area.