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Verdun is the county seat of the Verdun region and is a commercial city. It is situated in the province of Saône et Loire in Eastern France. This area is located in the Southern part of the Burgundy region, at the Bresse Plain near to Beane and Chalon-sur-Saône. Historically the town acted as a fortified place to protect the kingdom of France, this lasted for several centuries and remnants of this time are still visible today. The region has developed with tourism around the pursuits of walking, fishing and river activities. There are good transport links to the other parts of the region and varied accommodation is available. For a discount hotel as on hand to assist you.Today this region is well known as an agricultural and tourist centre which is well known for fishing, river boating and good eating. There are also facilities for walking and cycling. The famous local delicacy is ‘pôchouse’ which is a dish of different types of fish, caught in the river, which is then cooked in dry Burgundy, white wine and oodles of cream. When in the Burgundy region you should take the chance to visit the local vineyards which are easily accessible by car. Should you need to hire one your hotel will be able to assist you with this.