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Sarthe is a commune where the great history of France truly comes alive. This is because the area is home to a concentration of historical locations and monuments that tourists of all sorts are certain to love. Visiting the Musee du Genmail or the Cathedral or St. Gatien is a real treat when you can retire afterwards to a discount hotel in Beaumont sur Sarthe, France. These smaller communes can be a real treat to the tourist used to hoofing it around a large urban sprawl like Paris.If this sounds like your cup of tea, consider using to secure your budget hotel in Beaumont sur Sarthe, France. When you do so, youre embarking on a real adventure. Imagine setting out in the morning to educate yourself with a stroll through the Musee du Compagnonnage before exploring the opulent grandeur of the aristocratic estate at the Manoir de la Possonniere. Its an experience you wont soon forget, and one you should undertake at all costs.