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Fercé-sur-Sarthe, a small town located southwest from Paris, is visited from all over France because of their Château de Vaulogé. The 19th century fortified castle is now partly a hotel. It draws visitors from all over France who want to experience royalty even for just a weekend. Fercé-sur-Sarthe also features another castle, the Château de La Buissonnière. You will also find in this commune a Gothic church that features a finely sculpted pulpit.There are Fercé-sur-Sarthe cheap hotels that can be booked online in Some of the Fercé-sur-Sarthe hotels offer a travel package that includes a tour around town aside from providing you the best accommodation possible as one of the discount hotels. Fercé-sur-Sarthe may not have much to offer in structure, but the people make it up with a warm welcome. Visit this place every June 29 as the town celebrates their annual Fiesta and experience the welcome first hand. And even if its just a short stay, hotels in Fercé-sur-Sarthe will make sure you have a great vacation.