Hotels in La Flèche

La Flèche Details

La Flèche is considered a commune located within the Sarthe province of France. Found along the banks of the Loire river, this destination provides vacationers a variety of things to do and see. La Flèche is adored by travelers not only for its provincial charms, but also its 10th and 11th century chapels, many of which remain standing. Some of the most popular stops within La Flèche include the National Military Prytanee, which is a college founded by Henry IV in the 1600s, Notre Dame des Vertus chapel, which dates to the 11th century and the Italian-style theater, Theatre de la Halle au Ble. Visitors here will also find the Zoological Park of La Flèche is well worth exploring.When the distinct attractions of La Flèche call, is poised to help vacationers get the best discount hotels. Hotels in La Flèche can be found close to some of the commune’s biggest attractions, including the many historic landmarks. When a hotel in La Flèche is booked, vacationers will also find the Roman ruins at Mans are also close by an well worth taking in.