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Situated in the Rhone Alps, Barberaz is a picturesque town of 5,000 inhabitants which is considered a part of the commune of Chambéry. This small town provides a great environment for a relaxing getaway on the weekend. Barberaz mostly attracts tourists who are visiting famous attractions in Chambéry, but it has certain historical sights that are well worth a visit, including the 19th century Gothic church of L'église Notre-Dame de la Nativité. If you are interested in golf, there is an excellent golf course called the Golf Club d'Aix-les-Bains. In Chambéry, you can visit the beautiful church of Saint Francois de Sales Cathedral and the castle of the Dukes of Savoie. There are also the Savoisien Museum which features exhibits of historical artifacts found in the region of Savoie and the Charmettes Museum which showcases objects that are related to the life of philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau who lived in Chambéry from 1736 to 1742.Hotels in Barberaz offer transportation and day tours to various attractions in Barberaz and Chambéry. There is a good variety of Barberaz hotels for you to choose from, ranging from exclusive to discount hotels. Barberaz hotels provide excellent services and great hospitality to meet all your travel needs. has a complete list of Barberaz cheap hotels that offer quality accommodation.