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      Tourists do not visit a place just for its museums, monuments and landmarks alone. They also want to experience what the night entertainment of a place is like compared to what they are used to back in their hometowns. This is why the theaters in France are quite big hits. Tourists want to see what the country is cooking up in its arts and culture scene.The Theater Charles Dullin, which is one of the night attractions in Chambery, is among the theaters in France that is largely frequented by discerning patrons. This as the theater boasts of having the best tradition of producing plays of the highest quality in the area. Although focused mainly on both comic and serious traditional stage plays, the theater is committed to showing off the work of talented new actors and directors. As one of the best attractions in Chambery, the theater also holds musical events on occasion.

      Address: Place du Théatre, 73000 Chambéry, France

      Phone: +33 4 79 85 55 43