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      Chateau des Ducs de Savoie Details

      In France, there is always a significant monument within a town or city that played an important role in the place's history. In the town of Chambery, this is the Chateau des Ducs de Savoie. If this magnificent chateau was the the residence of aristocrats in the past, now its role is being part of the tourism of Chambery.One of the more important structures in the region, the chateau was built in the 14th century. The chateau's significance when it comes to the town's history lies on its being the focal point of its creation. This as most of the town was created around the castle so the needs of the duke who lived in it could be served. At present, the chateau is home to the regional county council. As one of the contributors to the tourism of Chambery, tours of the interiors and the grounds of the chateau can be done during summer months. Because the tour times are varied, it is wise to check with the information center for tourists first before heading there.

      Address: Place du Château, 73000 Chambéry, France

      Phone: +33 4 79 33 42 47