Hotels in Clos Savoiroux Park

      Clos Savoiroux Park Details

      As a busy town, it is refreshing to note that Chambery has its share of parks where people can escape from the usual hustle-bustle of everyday life. One of the larger parks that you can find in the area is the Clos Savoiroux Park, which is the venue of some of the relaxing activities in Chambery.This park can be found to the north-west of the main center of the town. A beautiful space lined with trees and teeming with abundant plants that attract quite a wide range of birds and animals, the park is a wonderful place to go to if you need to escape from the business of the town. Here you can indulge in some of the most favored activities in Chambery that can be done by both locals and tourists and these are walking, cycling, running and playing some sports in the open space.

      Address: Boulevard de Lémenc, Chambery 73000, France