Hotels in Montailleur

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Montailleur Details

The Savoie Department contains a number of small villages that are scattered across the countryside. One of these is the village of Montailleur, located in the Albertville district and the Gresy-sur-lsere canton. Just 600 people live in the small village, which is situated in the southeastern region of France near the Pecloz and l'Armene mountains. Although the village is small, there are discount Montailleur hotels available on If you don't find the right budget hotel in Montailleur for your needs, you can search the site for other hotels in Gresy-su-Isere.However, before you leave Montailleur, don't forget to look around, as there are several interesting attractions in the town itself. The Montailleur Castle is not completely intact since it was damaged in the 16th century when the Dauphins attacked the town. Inside the castle grounds, you will also find the Chapelle Saint Michel. The Ruaz is an ancient Roman road that wasn't discovered until the 20th century.