Hotels in Saint Pierre d'Entremont

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Saint Pierre d'Entremont Details

Saint Pierre d'Entremont is located in the Savoie/Isère departments of France, in the Rhone-Alps region. The Guiers Vif River runs through the village, separating it into two sides so that hotels in Saint Pierre d'Entremont may be located in one or other of the departments. It is home to the Grande Chartreuse Monastery in the foothills of the Alps, where the liqueur of the same name is produced. This largely unspoiled area of mountains and meadows is very scenic but surprisingly little known outside of France. Consequently, there are budget Saint Pierre d'Entremont hotels available at to entice visitors to this lovely place.A short distance from the village are the Chapels of Notre Dame de Casalibus and Saint Bruno, where the Chartreuse Monastery was first established referencing the mountain of the same name. For further information on the Carthusian monks, visitors will enjoy a trip to the Correrrie Museum at the gateway to the Guiers Mort valley and the town of St. Pierre de Chartreuse.