Hotels in Valfréjus-le-Charmaix

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Valfréjus-le-Charmaix is a popular area for skiing in the French Alps. Every possible snow sport is supported here, and there are slopes and activities for the beginner skier as well as the advanced skier. It is a true resort town, with a good mix of ski resorts and chalets. Many of the resorts here cater to families, so there are lots of activities for the children, allowing parents the opportunity for some time alone. Restaurants are plentiful and there are nightclubs in the area as well.During the summer, Valfréjus-le-Charmaix is a great place for hikers and mountain bikers. The rivers and lakes are filled with boaters, rafters and swimmers. The alps are just as beautiful during the summer, and the weather is very pleasant. Most of the ski resorts are open in the summer to cater to hikers, bikers and water enthusiasts, so hotels in Valfréjus-le-Charmaix are much more plentiful this time of year. can help you with any of the resorts and hotels in Valfréjus-le-Charmaix, whether you’re interested in a winter ski holiday or a summer hiking adventure.