Hotels in Chelles

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Chelles Details

This bustling city of 50,000 inhabitants is only 30 minutes west of Paris. Because of this, Chelles has become the ideal spot for those who want to be far from the busy city while not being too far to enjoy them for the weekend. Chelles hotels are often occupied by visitors who want to come to Paris. Hotels in Chelles can be found in and they can be considered as discount hotels. Chelles has its own attractions such as parks namely, Le parc mile-Fouchard, Le parc du Moulin and Le mail du Mont Chalâts. Aside from the parks there are also mysterious historical buildings worth seeing. Le Musée municipal Alfred-Bonno, L'église Saint-André, Le fort de Chelles and L'hôtel de ville de Chelles are places worthy of a visit. Ask one of the Chelles hotels and they can book you on a city tour that will familiarize you to the locality. Chelles cheap hotels are a great alternative if you want to be away for a while and be closer to nature. The parks in this town are wide and lots of nature-related activities can be done there.