Hotels in Ferrières en Brie

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Ferrières en Brie Details

Every weekend, Ferrières-en-Brie is teeming with visitors because of its proximity to Paris. Ferrières-en-Brie is less than 15 minutes to the center of the Paris. Aside from Paris, families from all over the country go to this place because its also near the Disneyland Resort. However, Ferrières-en-Brie has their own attractions, especially when it comes to century old structures. Theres the glise Saint-Remy, a beautiful church untouched since the 13th century. The communes very own Château was built in 1857 and it features the Italian Renaissance architecture. The communes town hall has a vast collection of 18th century paintings displayed for the public. If you love nature, you will also love this place as they are a part of Forêt Régionale de Ferrières. has a good list of Ferrières-en-Brie cheap hotels. From one of your Ferrières-en-Brie hotels, you can easily access all the places you should visit and many of them are discount hotels. Ferrières-en-Brie is a great place to visit because of its proximity to Paris and the rates of the hotels in Ferrières-en-Brie are very reasonable.