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    Fontainebleau is a town located southeast of Paris, with a population of 20,000. This little town is located within the largest state forest in France, Fontainebleau Forest (Foret de Fontainebleau) with 49,000-acre land area. Another famous attraction is the Château de Fontainebleau which used to be the favorite country residence of kings and emperors from Louis VII to Napoleon III, home for more than 30 sovereigns. Other favorite spots here are Musée national du Château de Fontainebleau and the Chateau de By Thomery, the home of artist Rosa Deheur. This town is preferred by citizens of Paris, especially for trips on a weekend. Fontainebleau is a town where visitors can enjoy as well as relax when touring the place. All hotels in Fontainebleau will meet all your requirements. Not to mention, there are also discount hotels Fontainebleau makes available for her guests via Saving and staying within the budget is never a problem in Fontainebleau; cheap hotels are easily accessible. For the month of May, be sure to book the Fontainebleau hotels earlier because it is during this month that the festivals of the "Concours Complet" is held and more visitors are expected to arrive than usual.