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Jossigny Details

Located west of Paris, Jossigny is a very small community with a population of less than a thousand. Every weekend, Jossigny receives visitors from all over the country who want to visit Paris since this town is just 30 minutes from Paris. There are places of interest that should be visited when you are Jossigny. Château de Jossigny is an 18th century structure where parts of this castle had been recognized as important. glise Sainte-Geneviève is a church finished in 1743. However, the original structures were built as early as the 12th century. Also worth a look is the 15th century Chapelle Saint-Léonard which is now unfortunately in ruins but you may still imagine its grandeur in the has a good list of hotels in Jossigny. Jossigny cheap hotels can give you various services such as transportation and guided tours around this and the surrounding villages. Jossigny hotels will make sure all the things that you need are there and you will find the same services in the many discount hotels. Jossigny may be a small town, but its a perfect and quiet place for anyone who wants to visit Paris while staying away from all the noise.