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Located in the central northern part of France is the community of Montévrain. The Vallée de la Marne runs though this town and you will think a tranquil picnic by the river makes this town a great destination for the weekend. Montévrain makes it even better with the Le Moulin de Quincangrogne. Used to be the hunting lodge of Henry IV, this structure was built over the water, connecting two banks. You can pass under the structure using a small boat. While youre there, La Grange au Bois is also another structure originally used as a vacation home. Built during the 17th century, it was used as a retreat by the abbots of Lagny Sur Marne. Also interesting is the Eglise Saint-Remi, a gothic church built in 1230. Even though its not a vacation home, its still beautiful with its clock tower from 1620 and a retable from 18th century. Many Montévrain cheap hotels are found near these century old structures. These Montévrain hotels can provide you with a great view and easy access to these sites. Some hotels in Montévrain are also located near the banks of the valley where simple water activities are available. In completing your itinerary with discount hotels, Montévrain compares well with the best in