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The Pontault-Combault can be found in the Eastern suburbs of the ever popular Paris. This lovely community is only minutes away from the center making it accessible to all the shops that are to die for. Once youre in the city of Pontault-Combault, there are a lot of sites that you can see. Among them is the Filou Planet which is an entertainment park perfect for kids. Playgrounds with inflatable structures await your children. Theres also the Pontault Church that dates back to the 13th century. Beautiful fortifications are featured in the Combault Palace and Candalle PalaceSo you think youll get broke from shopping Dont worry because there are a lot of discount hotels Pontault-Combault has to offer. Find cheap Pontault-Combault hotels to provide you with more money for shopping. Hotels in Pontault-Combault can be easily found with the help of Check out the Pontault-Combault hotels today for a great weekend. Pontault-Combault opens her arms.