Hotels in Saint-Ouen-sur-Morin

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Saint-Ouen-sur-Morin Details

Saint-Ouen-sur-Morin is a little French village located in the Seine et Marne region. Located just an hours drive away from Paris, and only a few miles away from the vineyards and cellars of Pannier champagne, Saint-Ouen-sur-Morin is a cultured spot from which to enjoy some of the finer things of the French lifestyle. The historic military city of Chateau-Thierry, which you enter via St. Johns gate, is a perfect destination for those who are interested in French history. The Maison Gondobald is here as well. It is a reconstructed copy of the type of castle that was used as a home back in the year 1000. Guided tours of this attraction are available.Youll also want to take a tour of the gardens of Viels-Maisons. It is a wonderfully peaceful area of several small gardens that are joined together to form a whole. Restaurants in Saint-Ouen-sur-Morin make good use of the delicious and fresh produce that is grown in and around this area. Traditional French food at its finest is served in these establishments, along with local wine. Hotels in Saint-Ouen-sur-Morin are typically French. Ranging in size from small to medium-large, Saint-Ouen-sur-Morin hotels are sure to please. If searching for a cheap Saint-Ouen-sur-Morin hotel, you just cant go wrong by checking out the listings at