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Serris Details

Another ancient village to discover in France is the Serris. It is one of the countrys picturesque places that tourists should definitely visit. There are remnants of monuments or buildings that seem to date back all the way to the Paleolithic era like the Sigottier Paleolithic grottos. You will also see the houses from the 15th to 16th centuries. Shopping will surely be part of your itinerary as there are a lot of supermarkets, village shops, and souvenir shops where you can shop till you fly. Aside from shopping, there are a lot of café-brasserieres to try. Several restaurants also offer authentic French cuisine you and your family and friends will love. You can also enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, and boat rides during the weekend. Serris offers great hiking locations in Forêt de Beynon, Durbon forest, Bois d'Arambre, and Rocher de Jardanne. Discover the remnants of the Romans in the Gallo-Roman remains.You wont have any problem finding hotels in Serris. There are a lot of Serris hotels that makes available to you. In fact, you can find cheap Serris hotels too. There are a lot of discount hotels Serris has to offer. There are also those that come with packages so make sure to check those too.