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The castles of Château des Charmettes et parc botanique and Château de Champs, the zoological garden called Jardin zoologique d'Attilly, the religious buildings of Ferme du Couvent and Eglise St Barthélémy, and Mill of Ditches ruins in the Ancien lavoir. These are just a few of the popular tourist destinations to be found in the pleasant town of France called Torcy. It is located at Seine-et-Marne just a mere twenty five kilometers east of Paris. What was once a Gallo-Roman place called Torciacum is now what we know as Torcy. There are a lot of things to do in Torcy aside from discovering the popular destinations. Theres fencing, football, handball, volleyball, hiking, skating, and so many others. Of course, dont forget to dine at the popular French cuisine restaurants in the area. A weekend Torcy promises its tourists is one that will keep you wanting for more.Find Torcy hotels in There are a lot of hotels in Torcy that can satisfy your needs. Be it fancy or cheap Torcy hotels, theres especially one to provide you with everything you need. You may even search for good deals at some luxurious discount hotels. Torcy will entice you to come back for more!