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Fécamp is a small town located on the mouth of a small river on the northern coast of France. With a 21,700 population, the town is able to preserve their rich heritage of art and history. Travelers who love museums and churches will enjoy staying here. One such place is the Church of the Trinité. Another is the abbey Church of Ste-Trinité, which was built in the 12th-13th Century and houses a handsome Renaissance altar with the sculpture of the "Death of the Virgin" (1519). For pilgrims, they can visit the chapel of Notre-Dame- du-Salut which was built on a cliff during the 13th-14th century. For a more modern place, visitors can go to Musée des Terres-Neuvas et de la Pêche. The museum features miniature boats and amateur paintings depicting their traditions in catching cod in Newfoundland. You may also drop by the Musée de la Bénédictine which contains a good collection of works of arts.It is best if a guest stays for 2-3 days on weekdays or on weekends. Fécamp town is located halfway to Dieppe and Le Havre so people can conveniently book any hotels in Fécamp when they prefer to do side trips to these places. Fécamp hotels offer different amenities and conveniences which are suited for every guest. For those under budget, they can also check out some discount hotels Fécamp is offering. It is best to visit for the listings. Beautiful sites in Fécamp, cheap hotels and friendly people ensure visitors go back to this town again and again.