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About 20 kilometers west of the city of Rouen in the Seine Maritime department is the village of Jumieges. This mainly farming and forestry village is found on the Seine river, and is conveniently located at the intersection of the D65 and D143 highways. A ferry also takes visitors back and forth across the river, so you can book and budget hotel on either side of the river and still be able to easily visit the sights in town.The main attraction is the Jumieges Abbey, a Romanesque period Norman abbey. The building is unfortunately in ruins, as it was built in 1067. But enough of the structure stands that you can still imagine what it looked like when William the Conqueror attended its consecration ceremony. Another church, St. Pierre, is also in ruins, though as a 10th century structure it is worth a look. Also visit the 11th century Church of St. Valentin, and for contrast, the towns 18th century chapel.