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      France gave birth to quite a lot of impressionist painters. In fact, Claude Monet, who founded the impressionist school, lived in Giverny, one of the country's most artistic towns. Because of this, quite a lot of museums can be found in France that are dedicated to impressionist paintings and one of these is the Malraux Museum. The museum is considered to be one of the best attractions in Le Havre.Mostly comprised of an art collection focused on the works of impressionist painters, the Malraux Museum has gained a reputation for housing some of the best artworks in the world. As one of the most frequented attractions in Le Havre, the museum has quite a good selection of paintings that came from such great artists as Boudin and Monet. Aside from these masterpieces, the museum also features sculptures and paintings that were gathered from across Europe in the past five hundred years.

      Address: 2 Boulevard Clemenceau, 76600 Havre (Le), France

      Phone: +33 2 35 19 62 62

      Open hours: 11:00 am 6:00 pm