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      Rouen is located in the northernmost portion of France. This city faces London on the other side of the island. Rouen is visited by people who just loves the beach or want to walk the trails of Joan of Arc during the weekend. Rouen is specifically known for Place du Vieux Marche, where Joan of Arc was burned at stake. It is in this place she was also imprisoned and the place is now called the La Tour Jeanne d'Arc.To maximize your trip, stay at hotels that are situated near to the many tourist attractions. One which warrants a compulsory visit is the Notre Dame Cathedral. This was made famous since it was the constant subject of the famous painter Monet. Other churches in the Rouen of historical importance include the Church of Saint Maclou, the Church of Saint Ouen and the Modern Church of Joan of Arc. Most hotels in Rouen also offer tours to the Musée des beaux-arts de Rouen and the Musée maritime fluvial et portuaire. The former features famous paintings while the latter is about the port of Rouen. If you are backpacking, Rouen cheap hotels may be your best choice. What about discount hotels Rouen hotels can be booked at the best rates at