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Seine-Saint-Denis is best known for its proximity to the city of Paris. It is part of that magical inner ring around the city the le de France. The major Seine-Saint-Denis attraction is the Basilica of Saint-Denis. Here, until the revolution, you could visit the burial places of many of Frances kings, queens princes and princesses. The royal sculpted statues remain in the churchyard, but the bodies are gone. Here, you can see the early Gothic and medieval likenesses as well as a renaissance portal. Seine-Saint-Denis is home to a large flea market and the France Stadium. It has the Marne River with such picturesque towns as Neuilly-sur-Marne and the larger eastern suburb at the edge of Paris, Montreuil. The major Montreuil attraction is the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. According to Montreuil history, this is where Charles V for baptism. The church dates from the 12th century. Today, it has a 12th century choir.