Hotels in Epinay sur Seine

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Epinay sur Seine Details

Epinay-sur-Seine is a city situated 11.3 km from the center of Paris with a population is 49,800 people. Charles de Gaulle International Airport is located about 13 km from Epinay-sur-Seine. The world famous Euro Disneyland which many folks dream about visiting is located in this city. Eiffel tower, one of the seven wonders, stands proudly in Epinay-sur-Seine. There is a restaurant on top from which you can see the entire Paris. If you are a football fan, visit the Stade de France which is the 80,000 capacity stadium where France won the World Cup in 1998. Parc Asterix is a theme park where you can bring your children to mad rides and other amusement fun if they adore the antics of Asterix and Obelix.With many more attractions, Epinay-sur-Seine is one of the best locations to spend a wonderful weekend. Epinay-sur-Seine hotels are world famous for the cuisine as well as immaculate service. In Epinay-sur-seine, cheap hotels are aplenty to accommodate all sorts of people. You can have a clear idea about the city and the hotels in Epinay-sur-seine with the all necessary details regarding discount hotels Epinay-sur-seine by accessing