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Located in the suburbs of Paris, is the community of Montreuil. In a weekend, Montreuil has visitors who tour Paris and make the short trip to visit this commune too. Montreuil doesnt disappoint them because of the places that are interesting. Eglise Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul is the premier stop for most tourists. Its a 13th century gothic church that was declared as a historical church since the 1913. Inside are beautiful stained glasses and an organ from the 19th century. Their dedication to arts can be seen in their School of Music and the Studio Pathé-Albatros, used to be owned by a German film company in 1904. Its now being tranformed into an art school. Know the history of this town and its key places by visiting the Musée de l'Histoire Vivante.Many of the hotels in Montreuil can be considered as discount hotels. Montreuil, because of its proximity to the sites in Paris, is often the choice of tourists. Montreuil cheap hotels offer great savings to folks who want to visit Paris but cut down on accommodation expenses. You can get the best rates of these Montreuil hotels and their packages in