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Sevran is a northeastern suburb of Paris and located only 10 miles from the center of France’s most exciting city. The city first became famous in the late 19th century when it was known as the center of gunpowder and explosives, which enticed Alfred Nobel to buy the Le Fayet estate and institute a laboratory there. Today, many visitors book Sevran hotels in order to attend the Espace François Mauriac, also known as the conservatoire de Sevran, an important school of music and dance.In the center of town visitors will find the Memorial Khachkar commemorating the Armenian victims of early 20th century genocide. The Ballade au Parc de la Poudrière features a lovely old building and acres of grass with livestock and wildlife. At, all the featured hotels in Sevran are located ideally to take advantage of the lovely French countryside as well as all the attractions in Paris.