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In the northeastern part of Paris is where you will find the city of Villepinte. This is a perfect place to stay when you’re on a tight budget yet want to shop and visit Paris. It’s just around 11 miles from Paris center so you can stroll around in Paris the whole day and stay in Villepinte in the evening. However, there are still some places to go and things to do in Villepinte. If you plan for a quick get out of town weekend, Villepinte is perfectly suited to your purpose. You can check out the historical buildings of this lovely town starting with the religious churches and chapels of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption church, Saint Vincent de Paul church, and Saint Joseph chapel. Villepinte is a good place for worship.There are a lot of cheap Villepinte hotels waiting to be booked. You can search for hotels in Villepinte with the help of where you can see the exact locations. Just search for Villepinte hotels and you’ll find budget, classy, and discount hotels, Villepinte has it all!