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      Amiens is a commune and city in the northern part of France. It's also the Picarde capital of France. Amiens has a lot of interesting sites for tourists, provided you have sufficient time to see them all. One of the sites you won't want to miss is the Amiens Cathedral, which is listed as a World Heritage Site. It's the tallest of the many 13th century Gothic churches. This church is known for its beautiful three-tier elevation inside as well as the sculptures. Another item of interest is the Hortillonnages gardens that can be found along the Somme River on small islands. Many man-made canals surround these gardens. Dining is something you'll enjoy in Amiens at both the La Table D'Agathe and Tante Jeanne, which is a family type restaurant with great staff and an outdoor terrace that offers a perfect view of the area. You'll love their seafood crepes with crab, shrimp and fish.