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Somme is a district located in northern France. Several lovely towns are a part of this district, but Le Crotoy is rather special to many of the tourists who come here for a visit. Le Crotoy is a small town with a beautiful beach that is one of the jewels of the city. You will definitely want to spend some time taking advantage of the water sports that are popular here. Le Crotoy is also the place where the Somme River runs into the sea. One of the most interesting things about Le Crotoy is the sand bay that is left behind at low tide. It is as if the bay empties itself, and resembles a desert. Taking a walk on the sand is quite memorable. There are also times when you can observe seals at rest on the sand.Attractions in Le Crotoy include a day trip on the narrow gauge steam railway to one of the small towns an hour or so away. You can admire the countryside while traveling, and enjoy some shopping once you reach your destination. Camping is also popular in Le Crotoy, with the Le Riden campsite located in rural Le Crotoy. You will want to go inland to see the biggest gothic cathedral in all of France. Located in Amiens, it was built in 1269. Restaurants in Le Crotoy are elegant, allowing you to enjoy traditional as well as seasonal French cooking. Hotels in Le Crotoy range from small chateaux to large and luxurious boutique hotels. If you are on a travel budget, hotels in Le Crotoy can be had at a bargain rate if booked in advance. has extensive listings of discount Le Crotoy hotels for you to choose from and book.