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Saint Riquier Details

Saint Riquier is located in the Somme department of France’s Picardie region. This small town was instituted as the result of the Benedictine abbey built there, and today the abbey is still the main attraction which takes pride of place in the central square. It is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture with a square tower and vaulted interior. The abbey also houses a collection of frescoes and relics. There are also the remains of a Romanesque church, the Centula.At, our featured Saint Riquier hotels tend to fill up quickly during the village’s annual music festival, which takes place around the abbey in July. Saint Riquier’s Hôtel-Dieu is housed in an old building of the Gothic style, similar to the famous abbey. Dining in the village is beyond expectation, with such restaurants as Au Grenier a Grains, Auberge du Pont, and Café de la Abbaye serving up fresh local cuisine.