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Chances are if you choose a Moissaic discount hotel here at, you are coming because of the Abbey of St. Peter. This ancient structure has existed in some form since the 7th century, when legend has it that the Frankish King Clovis started the abbey. However, historical records indicate that it was actually started by Saint Didier, Bishop of Cahors. Today, the abbey has its tympanum dating from the 12th century, a 15th century cloister, and a simply beautiful porticoed walkway. It also contains the Center of Romanesque Art with important historical information on medieval art. For its history, the abbey has been named as one of the World Heritage Sites of the Routes of Santiago de Compostela.Both the Tarn River and the Canal de Garonne flow through the town, across the Tarn et Garonne region in both directions, and on to connect the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea. Perched above the river is a beautiful chateau that is actually a hotel. It is the oldest hotel in the area, housing visitors since 1474.