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    Attractions does not have to be ancient to be worth looking at. They could also be modern facilities that have become landmarks in their own ways since they were erected. There might be many landmarks in Albi that are quite ancient and historic, but the town also has its share of modern structures. One of this is the Media Center, which could be considered to also go down in history as among the future monuments of the town.Located on the southern part of the town center, this vast 21st century Media Center is one of today's hubs of the social life in Albi. It is a fascinating structure done in the modern style of architecture that is bound to make it one of the great present-day landmarks in Albi. Within the building, almost all the research and technological facilities that you could hope for can be found. There are a number of computers here that have been linked to high-speed networks that will just about allow anyone to communicate with the rest of the people across the globe.

    Address: Avenue Général de Gaulle, Albi 81000, France