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Cordes is a small town in the southwestern part of France, in the Tarn region. Cordes is a notable village for tourists because of the degree to which the 13th and 14th century architecture has been maintained. Though you’ll find few hotels in Cordes, there are plenty to choose from when you look around at other nearby villages, too. Most Cordes hotels, like others in small villages are very traditional and locally owned. can help you sort through the accommodations in the area to find one that’s perfect for your stay.Be certain to visit the Medieval City here, with its well preserved ramparts. The Barbican Tower, along with other parts of the city’s fortress are very impressive examples of carved Gothic Architecture. For a glimpse into local artwork, visit the association d'artistes et artisans régionaux – a local gallery and art show which features artists from the region. And, don’t forget to visit the Jardin de Paradis, a lovely local public garden that is open from May to October.