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Mazamet is a perfect place for anyone who want to have a natural trip for the weekend. Mazamet is located near the Parc Régional du Haut Languedoc where you can hike and see the whole town through the known peak called the Pic de Nore. Visitors will also enjoy the place because of the pristine waters of Lac des Montagnes, located just outside the center of the commune. Theres also the Ruines du Château de Montclus a popular tourist area of the town. After that you should also visit the 18th century churches and monastery; the Eglise Saint-Sauveur, Eglise Notre-Dame and Monastère Sainte-Claire du Sacré-Coeur. Because of the natural beauty of the place, Golf de Mazamet offers a great round of golf behind a beautiful setting.There are hotels in Mazamet that you can book online via The Mazamet hotels could either be close to the golf course, the churches or to the famed park itself. Mazamet cheap hotels can also arrange a guide for you if you want to hike these grounds or visit the sites and ruins. With regards to discount hotels, Mazamet has many packages to soothe your every need.