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Champagney Forest Details

Belfort is a city that is not only known for its attractions that feature excellent architecture, art and culture, or entertainment; it is also known for its share of natural bounty that can please any tourist or local who finds delight in the company of nature. One of the attractions in Belfort that is considered quite worth a visit by any nature lover is the Foret de Champagney or the Champagney Forest.Known as a wonderful place that is teeming with natural beauty, the Champagney Forest extends from the main area of the city towards the west. It is well known for its enormous collection of trees that forms a deep canopy which is responsible for protecting quite a large number of rare and interesting plant and animal species. As one of the main attractions in Belfort, the forest is quite popular among strollers and cyclists who enjoy exploring the area the whole year round. To make everything easy for everyone, there are a good number of well-marked tracks that lead through the forest's dense undergrowth.

Address: 20 Rue du Pâquis, 70290 Champagney, France