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The famed le de France includes many different regions. One such area is the Val-dOise. Here, you find forests and many abbeys. The main attraction in Asnière-sur-Oise, is the Abbaye de Royaumont. Its ruins sit in the woods. The former Cistercian Abbey features stark stone. At one time, it was a textile mill than an orphanage. Today, you can see the original pillars, the corner tower and an enclosed Classical garden. The nearby Château de Royaumont is the abbots palace. It is in the Italianate style and has ponds. You can attend concerts here. If there is one thing that you notice in Clergy, Val-dOise, it is its clock. The Clergy attraction is its 10-meter clock sitting on the tower of the railway station. Clergy history also notes this town to be the first community within the le de France to obtain a river marina. As a result, Clergy activities include sailing and water sports. There is a boating school at the marina. In nearby Ponds of Cergy-Neuville, there is a water sports complex.