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    Cergy is a town bustling with celebrations that will keep you busy for the weekend. Cergy is known for its role in extreme sports. Every year, the 100 contests are being held in this town. Skateboarding, bike tricks, motorcycle tricks and any extreme sports are held in this town every summer. December is also the time for Fête de la Lumière where beautiful fireworks are the highlight of the festival. What's more, there are structures that are worth visiting when you are in this place. glise Saint-Christophe is a Renaissance church where parts of it were constructed as early as 12th century. Cergy is also a part of the structure of LAxe Majeur a garden structure that spans for three kilometers.If youre planning to go to Cergy, cheap hotels should be your priority. Most of the Cergy hotels offer a guided tour around town where you will be taken to more attractive locations. You can also get a travel package in that includes a guided tour with your discount hotels. Cergy promises all its visitors a great time and the hotels in Cergy are most charming.